I'm interested in lessons, how do we get started?

Great! I'd love to meet you. Our first step is to find out if we're a good fit. When you're ready, send me a note from the Contact page to ask a question or to set up an initial meet & greet (up to 30 minutes) so you can see The Piano Parlor and find out if this is the right place for you. 

What ages do you teach?

I work with students as young as 5 years old (being in kindergarten is a definite plus for beginning students) as well as with teenagers and adults who are new to piano (or getting back into it again). Stay tuned for info about my upcoming opportunities for preschoolers! 

How much do lessons cost?

It depends on what you sign up for (i.e., weekly lessons in my school year program vs. a custom monthly package) but I can email you my tuition details at the drop of a hat. Tuition is paid monthly, by the 5th of each month.

What does my tuition pay for?

Your tuition covers private lessons plus your reserved weekly time slot, all music books and materials, a piano practice Playbook, teaching tools, plus teacher hours spent outside of lessons. 

If I sign up, how often are lessons?

Most students sign up for weekly lessons, though some adults may choose to sign up for less frequent lessons (i.e., custom monthly package) depending on what works for your schedule and budget.

What happens when we're out of town during a normal lesson time?

As long as we plan ahead, we'll be set. I request at least 24 hours notice in email or text. Once I've gotten your note, I'll email you some rescheduling options for dates within 3 weeks of your original lesson date and we'll get your new time on the calendar. If you decide not to reschedule, just let me know. Tuition refunds are not available for missed lessons (or lessons you wish to cancel), but I have extra (bonus) lessons built-in throughout the school-year for weeks just like this. 

How often do we pay for lessons?

Tuition is due monthly, by the 5th of the month. The school-year program is my most popular option at The Piano Parlor and monthly tuition guarantees your weekly lesson time and a set # of lessons throughout the school year, plus all music and lesson materials. Monthly payments stay the same month-to-month no matter how many lessons we have in any given month, since some months are shorter (February, I'm looking at you) and others are a smidge longer. 

I'm not in school - can I actually sign up for the school-year program?

Yep! The school-year program has no age limit but it does follow the traditional school year (generally), as we kick-off in September and wrap up in June. Some students start mid-year when I have availability in my schedule, so even if you miss out on a September start, feel free to reach out to find out about availability.

Do you accept payment via credit card or Paypal?

Not quite yet, but I do accept cash or checks (payable to The Piano Parlor), and Square Cash.

How often should we practice?

Practicing is no walk in the park, and for some people, I know the idea of practicing is right up there with flossing. Knowing full well that practice takes discipline, I also know my students who practice regularly, learn the most and really have a blast at lessons. So in a way, practicing has a lovely way of making playing piano feel like a walk in the park. For this reason (and countless others), I encourage my students to practice on a regular basis, and I'm happy to cheer my students (and families) on from week to week as they tackle the art of practicing.

Should we come to a lesson if we're sick?

If you didn't go to school or work on the morning of your scheduled lesson, it is typically encouraged that you stay home from your lesson, too, so you can rest up! Since I ask for 24 hours notice for all rescheduled lessons, day-of cancellations would be considered a missed lesson. Luckily, since I know we all need a sick day from time to time, a missed lesson, like this, is already built right into your school-year program as one of your extra (bonus) lessons. 

We have our own music books, should we bring them?

Pretty please, yes! I'll want to see what you've used in the past (for those of you who've taken lessons in the past or even if you just play piano at home for fun). I have specific books I love teaching out of (these are provided with your tuition) but I always want to see what you've played, as a starting point. Bring them - plus your questions - to our complimentary meet and greet.

What happens in the summer?

Summertime solo lessons, group lessons and mini-camps are available to all current students in July. The Piano Parlor is closed in August. Click here to get the summer scoop! Hey look, it's the Calendar, Options & Registration Form. ;)

What about recitals?

I want my students to experience and view performing as a normal (yet special!) part of being a musician. With that goal in mind, I've developed a Daring Sharing program which gives students opportunities to perform for their family, neighbors and friends at home for special occasions or just for fun. Throughout the school year, I send home Daring Sharing packets with every student (including a DIY program, guest list for guests to sign, and a detailed info sheet to help students and parents plan their Daring Sharing). I do not currently offer studio-wide recitals.

Improvisation Rhythm Cards!

Improvisation Rhythm Cards!