I'm Dana and I've been teaching music and piano for the over 10 years (previously in Bellingham before I moved back to the Seattle area). I grew up in north Seattle with a piano, organ, keyboard or record player within reach at all times. I've been hooked on music and piano since I was 5 years old (thanks mom and dad for signing me up for piano lessons). 
Keeping my eyes on the music (with or without a cat) since I was 5.

Keeping my eyes on the music (with or without a cat) since I was 5.

I've been a songwriter and performer for over 15 years and have had dreamy opportunities to play in pop, rock and surf bands with marvelous musicians and friends. These days, although songwriting, collaborating and recording are still among my favorite past times, I love helping my students discover what they love about music in our weekly lessons. After all, there's nothing quite like music, and - lucky for all of us - it never gets old. 

I love getting to watch my students learn new skills and gain confidence as musicians and piano players, secretly proving to them week after week that the work (practice, practice, practice!) is totally worth it. The best part is, they tend to prove me right every time. 

When I'm not teaching, odds are good that I'm digging up new songs, ordering music books, shopping for music resources, prepping games and researching new ways for my students to learn and engage with music. When I'm not doing that, I love songwriting, singing, recording, collaborating and performing oh-so-much.

High on my list of other favorites are: Spending times with my (8!) nieces & nephews, decorating and designing old spaces, discovering movies I really should have seen years ago, finding surprise Saturday free-time with my husband, leisurely dinners with my in-town family, visiting old friends, baking or cooking along to the perfect soundtrack a la mode, and just-about-everything-having-to-do-with-autumn.