The Piano Parlor offers 40 minute weekly sessions for students ages 5+ including teenagers and adults.

Lessons are about the music. Sometimes that involves reading music. Other times that means making up music on the spot, playing by ear, learning a new scale, transposing a song to a new key, and nailing that tricky spot in that one song. We also play music games, write down melodies, learn how to play chords, practice rhythm and work on great technique. With music, the fun can be endless, the learning can feel relentless and the work is totally worth it. 

Lessons are structured with you in mind. Lessons incorporate a variety of technique, music theory, reading, writing, creativity and improvisation, but how I teach and what I focus on depends on the student. I'm constantly observing and adapting my teaching to match each student's style of learning with the goal always in mind that students have a positive, ongoing experience with music and the piano as their skills grow right along with their confidence.

Lessons are available (nearly) year-round! The School-Year program (Sept-June) is the most popular weekly program at The Piano Parlor, followed by the Summer program (July), which offers plenty of summertime flexibility and options for students and families. For students who are interested in a more custom fit and perfect-for-them lesson schedule, the Custom Monthly option is also available (different rates will apply). 

Every child is an artist until he’s told he’s not an artist.
— John Lennon