1. a sitting room in a private house.
  2. a shop or business providing specified goods or services.

Welcome to The Piano Parlor!

One thing you should know about me is that I love alliterations and I'm a little old-fashioned (okay, you caught me...that's two things).

Though I've been teaching piano for more than 10 years in piano shops, living rooms and music studios, when I dreamed up The Piano Parlor, I wanted it to convey everything I love about along with my piano, The Parlor is filled with all things colorful, whimsical, surprising, creative, fun, charming and playful.

As a piano teacher and lifelong musician, I take music oh-so-seriously but I'm an absolute stickler for fun and creativity at the piano. I love striking the balance between learning and playing in lessons. I also love old-timey words, I'm quite the sucker for hospitality, and I think playing music is the cat's meow. Not at all surprisingly then, when I finally decided to teach piano full-time, I chose The Piano Parlor as the name for my music studio's home-sweet-home.   

A peek inside The Piano Parlor, circa 2015.

A peek inside The Piano Parlor, circa 2015.

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